Master Photographer; Photographic Craftsman; CPP

Real Estate Photography

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Mr. Scalf was also a realtor for two years during 2005 and 2006 with Coldwell Banker in Houston and has a great understanding of the necessary staging and visual composition needed to create images that will make online home buyers spend more time on your website. He also has wide angle lens for his cameras that will not only capture more of the rooms ambiance but will make the room look larger in the photograph. These images will also make top quality brochures or CD presentations.

Mr. Scalf will provide you with a collection of professional interior and exterior images of any listed home in the area. If the property is more than 20 miles from Blanchard, there will be a small travel fee of 60 per mile round trip. He will then deliver to you a CD with high quality jpegs of all images created and a full usage copyright release.  

He can also provide you with a slide show similar to the one you can view above for your property. You will receive five (5) CD's formatted with an autoplay presentation plus one version ready for uploading to your website. Additional copies of the CD may also be purchased.

Total price for photography service - $ 60.00
Price for CD Presentation w/5 copies - $ 60.00
Additional CD copies - $ 4.00 each

Prices Effective January 1, 2018

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