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Frequently Asked Questions   (FAQ's)

What is a "Creation Session Fee"?

The "Creation Session Fee" is the charge for rendering our professional services. It covers the photographers time, an assistant if required and our initial expenses. The fee may also vary depending upon the complexity of the session and if extra clothing changes are involved. The fee does not include any photographs.

Scheduling Appointments!

We schedule all sessions by appointment only. This also includes appointments to view images, to place an order and session consultations. This will allow us to give you our best service and undivided attention. Should situations cause you to be late, please call us so we can attempt to adjust our schedule accordingly. We take pride in our record of being punctual with our appointments, consequently we may even require rescheduling your appointment in order to not affect another person's appointment. 

Appointment Reservation Retainer!

To schedule your appointment, it must be reserved with a retainer for the amount of the session. This is normally done with a credit card or a check. We cannot hold your appointment without one or the other. Sessions that need to be rescheduled prior to the day of the appointment time may rescheduled and the entire session retainer will be transferred to the new date and time. "No Show's" (appointments that do not call before their appointment to reschedule) lose their session retainer.

Location Travel Fee

A round trip travel fee of 60 cents per mile is charged for any location session more than 25 miles from Blanchard. Also refer to our"Custom Portraiture Fees" brochure for additional information.

We Need Our Appointment On An Weekend or Holiday!

We do offer session times on weekends and holidays as our schedule permits. The Creation Session Fee must be pre-paid by check or credit card when scheduling any appointment. If the weather forces cancellation, the fee is refundable if it becomes impossible to reschedule your session.

What Is The Minimum Order Fee?

All weekday sessions require a minimum portrait order of $150 from that session. Appointments on Saturday require a minimum portrait order of $300. The minimum order fee is $450 for sessions on Sundays and holidays if we are available. This fee shall be paid in full when the session is preformed as a deposit. It will then be credited in full toward your actual portrait order, when placed. Creation Session fees, frames, folios, cards and special digital work may not be applied toward the minimum order fee.

How Long Will My Session Last?

We normally allocate from one to two hours for most sessions. This also includes time to allow for dressing and equipment setup. Most of the time only a portion of the time is required to create the images.

Can We Change Clothes?

Yes, but this must be discussed and planned for during the pre-session consultation. Changes on location become somewhat more complicated due to public access and privacy control. The time allotted for your session includes changing clothes before and after the session if necessary.

My Child Has A Facial Scratch!

It will most likely show in a portrait. You may want to apply a little makeup, which can do wonders on most scratches, bruises and blemishes. Our Cameo portraits does not include retouching. We can do artwork or digital retouching but there is an additional fee for this service. Note that all custom wall portraits does include retouching. Please consult with us if you have any questions or concerns.

When Will I See The Portraits?

Normally all sessions will need to be viewed on another date. We will coordinate with you to schedule the viewing appointment at your convenience following the session. 

Who Should Attend With Me When I View My Images?

Anyone you wish! Most importantly, make sure that everyone needed in the selection process or the financial decisions, attend the viewing. If any one of these individuals cannot attend your appointment, please reschedule to another time when everyone can attend. This will allow us to efficiently utilize everyone's time. If we have to schedule a second viewing, a fee of $50 will be charged. Also we can also post your images on the internet via our web site where you can access them with a password.

When Is My Payment Due?

The Creation Fee is prepaid when your appointment is scheduled. The minimum order fee is due in full the day of the session. Portrait orders are to be paid in full when placed. Establsihed customers may pay 50% down on large orders when placed with the balance being due when the order is ready. No part or item from your order can be delivered unless the balance is paid in full. You may reorder any portrait by phone with pre-payment by credit card or check. Orders are not placed into production until payment is received.

When Will My Portraits Be Ready?

Cameo Portraits are normally ready within 7 days after being ordered. Custom portraits with artwork and digital manipulation will require additional time. Each order is unique and we will provide you with a specific due date for your order. Rush services are available for an additional charge.

We guarantee our work 100%. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to being given the opportunity to create a portrait that is unique and priceless for you.

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